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Your Inner Ocean

The “OCEAN” of water within our body needs to have PROPER pH BALANCE

Boost Your pH Level Fast

Cleanshield has the ability to boost pH levels and NEUTRALIZE ACIDITY

A Disease Atmosphere

ACIDITY (low pH) in the water of the body forms an atmosphere of disease


The inner workings of the body improve DRAMATICALLY as the “inner ocean” of the body is cleansed through REDUCTION OF ACIDITY.  The body is 70% water.  As acidity is reduced and the water within the body is “purified” through better pH balance look at the benefits.

Fat Metabolism

Insulin Production

Healthy Oxygen Flow

Smooth Blood Flow

Blood Pressure Regulation


Lipid and Fatty Acid Metabolism

Cellular Regeneration

DNA-RNA Synthesis

Electrolyte Activity

Access to Energy Reserves


Your body has an amazing ability to make you WELL and to KEEP you well.  CLEANSHIELD’s power to reduce body acidity helps EMPOWER your IMMUNE SYSTEM.  
A wide range of sickness and disease will NOT gain a foothold in the body when the body has the proper pH balance.  Serious illnesses including cancer and many other major degenerative diseases are fought off by the immune system of the body.