Welcome to Distributors and Retailers

YOU are a VITAL PART of the channel that brings a product of significant and lasting importance to the market.  Buyers of Cleanshield may remember you the rest of their lives for the difference you bring to them.
As you explain the power of Cleanshield and encourage new users, you are able to experience the uplifting feeling of helping a life.
Welcome to Distributors and Retailers
  • Be able to explain the product
  • Understand the importance of pH balance
  • See firsthand the healing power of the body
  • Watch your business grow as you help others
Key Performance Measurements
Performance and the success that follows can be measured.  Review your level of Product Knowledge , Hard EffortPersistenceCreativity , and Boldness.  
If this level is high, the RESULT is SUCCESS and PROFITABILITY
Once in A Lifetime
Some events only come once in a lifetime.  The opportunity to be involved with a lifechanging product like Cleanshield is such an event.
Dispenser of Life
In a very simple way, you as a distributor or retailer will become a “dispenser” of life.  As your clients use Cleanshield and discover its powerful effect the body, you will discover that YOU are the one that brought the good news.
Long time Effects
Some things we do don’t last.  In the end we wonder why we did them?  Other things we do bring lasting change of great value.  Such is Cleanshield.  The effects are long term and of great value.
New Discovery
The importance of pH balance and body health is a relatively new discovery.  It is a change, however, that is global and is here to stay.
A Simple Solution
This health solution is simple, safe, and economical.  It is based on working WITH the body and not against it.  It seeks to provide to the body some of its most important and fundamental needs – reduced acidity (or clean water) within the body.  You as a distributor are bringing a simple solution.
No Hospital Needed
Modern medicine has become TOO expensive and complicated.  Cleanshield offers a way to find health without expensive hospitals or medicine.
Hardworking and Informed
The SECRET to success as a Distributor or Retailer is twofold – Hard Work and Product Knowledge.  Learn about Cleanshield.
A Lot of Forever Friends
Imagine 3 years ahead after having helped 1000s of people.  You will have a lot of “friends” who are grateful for your efforts.
A Business that Changes Life
Many business brings benefits and pleasures, but not many have the potential to change lives like Cleanshield.  A healthy life is of priceless value.
Knowledge is Power
Take time to study and learn about pH and health.  Learn WHY Cleanshield is effective.  Study about the amazing power of the body to heal itself and what we can do to help it.

Experience is Priceless
As you spend time and effort and gain EXPERIENCE, you will become increasingly valuable to those around you.  As you discover this method of promoting health, as you see firsthand the changes that happen, you will never the same.